To be profoud or notprofound_ : Nova Trindade


Trindade is Porto’s main metro station.

I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of spending a day with another Trinidadian soul in Porto. This young blood Elechi Todd is a surrealist, who goes by the alius notprofund_ on his IG account, which he and many other emerging artists use as a platform to share their work.

Todd has recently had his first joint exhibiton back home in Trinidad and in pursuing more opportunities for international exposure, decided to respond to call for works by the meetiNG art gallery for LICE 2014 – Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2014, 2nd edition. The exhibition showed works from 13 artists from Portugal, Mexico, France, Spain, Hungary and Trinidad & Tobago and ran from 4th-18th October.

Elechi’s piece KING was also featured in the tourist magazine Follow Me Lisboa to promote the exhibition – see image below.

KING by Elechi Todd

KING by Elechi Todd

He had this to say about his work:

I’m inspired by local graffiti artists, QRC [Queen’s Royal College] alumni, Basquiat, George Condo, Dali … the list is long. But I don’t think I’m inspired by them as such but I love their work …  I don’t know, maybe it’s a subconscious thing, where it comes up involuntarily. I can say there’s a new generation of upcoming artists and the air is filled with this kinda anticipation and I think some awesome things are about to happen with art in Trinidad.

In line with the theme of this blog which explores the connections between Porto and home, I found it incredibly serendipitous that the meetING art gallery was located on Rua Nova Trindade in Lisbon. I look forward to the ‘New Trinidad’, where young artists like Elechi can carve a space for themselves in the emerging Post-Colonial landscape, with brave new voices that re-envision our future.


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